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Baby can you spare a 3% commission?

In the San Diego Real Esate market we are faced with multiple offer situtations with all our our buyers in the below 500K price range unless there i something really wrong with the home. This creates a dynamic where agents and buyers are frantically rushing from one new listing to another as soon as they pop up writing offers on anything that closely resembles their requirements even sight unseen.

This also has created a dynamic where listing agents and their clients, due to the demand, have decided that they are cutting their commissions so it is not uncommon to see 2% to 2.5% CBB.  At the higher price points this is not as challanging but when you have a 100% VA 1st time home buyer that fell in love with a $200K home paying 2% CBB after you have taken them to view 70 homes and written offers on 10 properties this quickly becomes a huge issue! We buyer’s agents ought to be paid more in this crazy market! At the very least we ought to be earning the standard commission!

Through my networking I have access to investors with pre-MLS listings that only pay 2%CBB and I require my buyers to bring 1/2% if they want to shop these homes.  This is a solution that has been accepted by every buyer and, though it still isn’t 3%, it is only a 16% redution in CM instead of a 33%.  I have one investor client who pays only 3.5% total CM because he can!  That’s 1-1.5% to listing agent and 2-2.5% to the selling agent.  I’ve never been one in all my 25 years of sales to cut my commissions, yet in this crazy marketplace who

Personally, I have focused as much time and energy into developing relationships with asset managers, top agenicies and investors as I do prospecting because it doesn’t help to have 20 qualified buyers if there is no home to sell them. This has been a successfull strategy with my last wo buyers getting their first offer accepted.

San Diego may not be a unique marketplace right now but we sure have to get creative to service out clients needs these days.  It’s about adaptation and change, creativity and perseverance.  Baby can you spare a 3% commission?

The Wonders of Social Networking for Realtors- are you in the game?

Jennifer St.Clair & Tom Ferry

Jennifer St.Clair & Tom Ferry

For the second time this month this San Diego Realtor is at an educational Real Estate seminar getting pumped up about my profession for which I have so much passion. Two weeks ago it was Tom Ferry’s Success Summit in Palm Desert, CA and this week I’m in Austin TX at Agent Mega Camp. I’m getting great information that I am going to blog about in coming days. Wish I was better at typing…LOL..

Would you be surprised if I told you one of the main agenda items at both conferences are Social Networking and how to use technology to connect with clients? As my background includes software sales, I am very interested in all the ways that technology and social networking (SN) can help my clients and increase my business and brand name so I listen very carefully when the experts on SN speak.

The statistics on SN growth are staggering and I wish I could quote more of them here but here are a few I managed to write down as they flew by on the screen. Did you know that of every 1 out of 8 marriages last year the bride and groom met online? That 70% of people 18-34 years old watch TV online? That 27% of new renters in NYC didn’t order cable at all, only Internet? That 78% of consumers trust peer recommendations online? That Wiki is a Hawaiian word that means “quick”? Okay, that last one was kinda weak, but the point is folks, that the shift has already happened and you know this, I am sure, because you are reading this blog and probably also blogging.

As Realtors we already know that around 80% of buyers look for their homes online before they ever even begin to think about choosing a Realtor. My online persona defines who I am for first impressions. And how I reach my audience is critical. Those of you who have blogged, FB and Twittered know how much ‘noise’ people tweet and Facebook. The key is to be interesting and relevant. I’ll share some tips on how to do that in coming blogs along with other great websites that can help us build our business and be on top of the game. What I would like to know from you is what are you finding to be the most effective SN tools for your business? Do you Facebook and Tweet? What about UTube? Video is the next big wave of going viral. As for me, I’m still working on that. In fact, I think I’ll make my first video tomorrow here in Austin.

Check these sites out for some added punch to your game. tells you every SN site a person is on or to make premium content or your clients

 Can’t wait to hear your thoughts…..

Hello world! It’s time this San Diego Realtor started blogging

I Twitter, Text and Tweet.  I Facebook and Linkup.  I MeetUp, MySpace and Plaxo. All of this social networking for my San Diego Real Estate business is exhausting. However my newly hired Coach has told me to Blog. So here I am exhausted at 11 o’clock at night squeezing it in before my next coaching call with her tomorrow.

I have been avoiding Blogging because, though I love to read, gain knowledge and share with others,  I never learned how to type (keyboarding I think they call it nowadays) and spelling errors are a pet peeve of mine.  Short cuts while texting are socially acceptable.  Well here goes folks……

As this is my first post I will introduce myself as Jennifer St Clair, Realtor extraordinaire, with Windermere Pacific Coast Properties in stunning Point Loma California which is part of America’s Finest City, San Diego. Did you know that less than 3% of the world enjoys perfect weather like San Diego?   Anyway, currently I mostly focus on the plethora of new and existing home buyers out looking to scoop up Blue Light Home specials of 50% off your Single Family Residence and up to 75% off of your San Diego condo conversions.

My leads take me all over the county.  It is staggering to look at a  brand new 5000 Square Foot home in a gated community with $100K in upgrades, a $10K CA new construction tax credit, and $50K in flooring concessions for less than $900K!!  These homes sold for nearly $2M two years ago folks! They back up against a preserve with stunning views for miles.  The area I am referring to is called Chula Vista, CA and it is not your Father’s Chula Vista.  We are talking great schools, great weather, low crime, easy access to downtown San Diego and top notch shopping.  This area of San Diego was hit hard by the sub prime debacle so there are a disproportionate amount of distressed properties to choose from, especially in the affordable for first time home buyer category of $250K-$350K.

I love being a San Diego Realtor! Because I grew up an Army brat I had the privilege of moving every year which involved buying and selling another home every year.  Seems like I’ve been in the industry forever!  My Mom was a Realtor in Northern Virginia.  My sister is a Realtor here at Windermere. My brother is a Real Estate Investor with multiple properties in Florida and Georgia. My ex-hubbie and I had a home inspection and appraisal business back in Georgia before I relocated to CA in 2004.  Now to sell homes in one of the world’s most desirable locations is so gratifying.  Business is booming!

That’s enough from me for now.  I am sure there is some socially acceptable and expected way to sign off, add tags, get points, SEO, yada yada yada, but I’m gonna have to learn as I go. This only took me half and hour.  Guess I’ll get better.  Let me know how I did, will ya?

More will be revealed………

Jennifer St.Clair