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Is placing American Flags in my farm for the 4th of July Unpatriotic?

Yesterday we, the Wonder Women of Windermere San Diego Realtors, were our placing American Flags in the ground around our farm in celebration of the upcoming 4th of July holiday. We have been doing this for 5 years running now and every year we have homeowners come out and comment to us how great it looks to have the colorful flags blowing in the breeze! We also give away small gift packs with a CD full of patriotic music.

Invarably, however, there is always one Grinch in the crowd who has nothing better to do than berate, belittle and generally complain about our little marketing piece (on the flag pole we have a small sticker with our info). Yesterday was no exception. As I was bent over carefully inserting my little flag in the ground I was ambushed by an angry homeowner yelling at me, vehemently waving one of my flags and demanding to know if I had permssion from their HOA to place the flags in their neighborhood saying our ‘littering’ was Un-American and UnPatriotic. Try as I might to placate her she would not have it. I assured her we would remove them after the holiday so as to not litter, but alas, that was not good enough either.

Keep in mind that this farm is very near a Naval base where thousands of our troops work and live to protect our freedom. As the daughter of an Army Colonel I am very proud of the American Flag, our Armed Forces and our country. I love to show my support every year with a sprinkling of Old Glory gracing ther manicured lawns of Point Loma CA.

C,C & R’s and HOA’s are needed to keep petty garbage from cluttering our neighborhoods, but is placing small American Flags around my farm for the holiday really Unpatriotic??

Happy 4th of July to all of you and your families and may God Bless America!!!

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