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Jennifer St.Clair

San Diego Homes Prices are on the Rise ending a two yr skid

Not that I needed this Union Tribune article to tell me that!! Everyday I see bidding wars and offers that appraisals won’t support. All my  buyers that are sitting on the fence need to start fishing.

Why is it that they have to see the news in print to believe it? Isn’t the advice of a qualified professional enough?   It is my personal opinion that because our industry does not charge (hourly or daily as do lawyers accountants etc)  for our time or advice when working with clients we create no value for ourselves.   Thus our clients don’t really realize how much time and money we spend on them.  If we charged hourly for the work we do for them they would be shocked at the bills they received! I think our industry’s reputation as a whole was tarnished by the sub prime debacle. Let reinstall confidence in our clients and help the economy by selling some homes.

Here is a link to our local paper’s article this morning about Southern CA home values.  Now if we can only get the loans funded!!

I’d love to hear how your local market is faring.


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