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The Wonders of Social Networking for Realtors- are you in the game?

Jennifer St.Clair & Tom Ferry

Jennifer St.Clair & Tom Ferry

For the second time this month this San Diego Realtor is at an educational Real Estate seminar getting pumped up about my profession for which I have so much passion. Two weeks ago it was Tom Ferry’s Success Summit in Palm Desert, CA and this week I’m in Austin TX at Agent Mega Camp. I’m getting great information that I am going to blog about in coming days. Wish I was better at typing…LOL..

Would you be surprised if I told you one of the main agenda items at both conferences are Social Networking and how to use technology to connect with clients? As my background includes software sales, I am very interested in all the ways that technology and social networking (SN) can help my clients and increase my business and brand name so I listen very carefully when the experts on SN speak.

The statistics on SN growth are staggering and I wish I could quote more of them here but here are a few I managed to write down as they flew by on the screen. Did you know that of every 1 out of 8 marriages last year the bride and groom met online? That 70% of people 18-34 years old watch TV online? That 27% of new renters in NYC didn’t order cable at all, only Internet? That 78% of consumers trust peer recommendations online? That Wiki is a Hawaiian word that means “quick”? Okay, that last one was kinda weak, but the point is folks, that the shift has already happened and you know this, I am sure, because you are reading this blog and probably also blogging.

As Realtors we already know that around 80% of buyers look for their homes online before they ever even begin to think about choosing a Realtor. My online persona defines who I am for first impressions. And how I reach my audience is critical. Those of you who have blogged, FB and Twittered know how much ‘noise’ people tweet and Facebook. The key is to be interesting and relevant. I’ll share some tips on how to do that in coming blogs along with other great websites that can help us build our business and be on top of the game. What I would like to know from you is what are you finding to be the most effective SN tools for your business? Do you Facebook and Tweet? What about UTube? Video is the next big wave of going viral. As for me, I’m still working on that. In fact, I think I’ll make my first video tomorrow here in Austin.

Check these sites out for some added punch to your game. tells you every SN site a person is on or to make premium content or your clients

 Can’t wait to hear your thoughts…..

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